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Utah County’s Small Business Saturday Was a Big Success

Throughout Utah County, Small Business Saturday was a resounding success.

According to Curtis Blair, President, and CEO of the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce, “Small Business Saturday was extremely beneficial to our companies in Utah Valley.”

In order to see what patterns they were seeing, I had the opportunity to follow four or five of these over the course of the previous week or week and a half. On the whole, we are getting really positive reactions from the consumer base that is connecting with our small companies this weekend.”

While the final data aren’t in yet, most small firms reported a significant rise in revenue over the previous year.

According to Blair, “It’s going to be a fairly interesting weekend for them.” “It’s a lot better than it was at this time last year.”

Small Business Saturday generated a significant amount of revenue.

The growth in sales was so significant that firms were having difficulty keeping up with it.

According to Blair, “I don’t have specific statistics, but I can tell you that the overwhelming answer was that their raises were so enormous that they continue to be grossly understaffed.”

According to Blair, supply chain difficulties did not pose a problem for Small Business Saturday participants and merchants. He claimed that shops have enough food as well as merchandise to go around. When it came to meeting the needs, the difficulty was that there were not enough people available.

Blair mentioned that there was a printing firm in Provo that didn’t have a day off due of the quantity of work they were doing.

To keep up, they ended up working Thanksgiving Day as well as Friday and Saturday, according to the author of the book.

Much as we get closer to the holiday season, Blair believes the supply chain issue will not deteriorate even worse.

The fear of having enough personnel to fulfill demand, on the other hand, was one he didn’t hear nearly as often, he added.

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